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Qua Son Temple

Qua Son Temple
By Nghe An Local Guide

Location: Located in Mieu Duong Village, Bach Duong Commune (Boi Son Commune now), Do Luong District.

Direction: Heading to National Highway No.7 from Vinh City, to Do Luong Townlet, turn the Road 15 about  3km, turn left in the direction of the West about 2km.

Qua Son Temple is situated in Mieu Duong Village, Bạch Ngọc Commune (Boi Son Commune now), Do Luong District, Nghe An Province, at the foot of Qua Son Mountain from which the name of temple derived. The god is worshipped in Qua Son Temple is Uy Minh Vuong Ly Nhat Quang - the 8th son of King Ly Cong Uan who founded Ly Dynasty in 1009. Ly Nhat Quang was sent to Nghe An in 1039 to be in charged of taxation, he was then appointed the first district chief of Nghe An.

Qua Son Temple was built in the early of 11th century. It was also restored and upgraded for many times. During later Lê Dynasty, the temple had a large scale consisting of three main shrines (upper, middle, lower shrines), ta vu, huu vu (left and right houses), lau ca vu (house for singing and dancing), nha hoa, nha canh, tam quan (three-entrance gate). There are statue of Ly Nhat Quang that was made of precious wood, red lacquer trimmed with gold, wearing golden silk feudal court robe and many weapon-offerings that were fine carved with professional level. They were given by emperors over dynasties or offered by the masses. Qua Son Temple is considered as one of four biggest temples in Nghe An Province: "Con Temple, Qua Temple, Bach Ma, Chieu Trung".

The 17th day of the 12th lunar month is the death anniversary of Ly Nhat Quang. Qua Son Temple Festival is annually held on the 20th and 21st days of the first lunar month.

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Qua Son Temple Festival

Qua Son Temple Festival

Time: 19th to the 21st day of the first lunar month.Place: Boi Son Commune, Do Luong District, Nghe An Province.Objects of worship: Ly Nhat Quang (Uy Minh Royal Highest Ly Hoang).Characteristics: Worshipping ceremony,...

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